Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crooks x HellzBellz

This past weekend I went to the outlets with my best friend after work on Saturday. These three items were the results of this trip. The Crooks and Hellz Bellz collab tops were from Zumiez. These were an immediate purchase being that Crooks & Castles is my favorite brand and Hellz Bellz is equally as dope. The Disney top was purchased in Pacsun. Definitely an impulse buy, but its so dope to me that I had to buy. I think this is all the clothing shopping I'll be doing for a while unfortunately.

Monday, some things didn't work out the way that I thought and now I have to save a lot of money. So all those shopping trips I had planned has been postponed. :/


  1. Love these. I'm a sucker for Disney clothing. x

    1. I think I am myself. I tend to gravitate to Disney clothing unconsciously. Haha!

  2. Nice clothing! *_*



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